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jillian-circleHi and Welcome, I’m Jillian Middleton. Did you know that you’re sitting on a fortune? You are. You are, that is, if you’re building your business. Is network marketing a simple business? Yes, however, don’t confuse that with easy. With this much money on the table there had to be a catch. Work. Focused work. Not hard work, although sometimes it feels hard (another no) or a bit tedious (dial, dial, dial). But mostly building a business takes smart focus, savvy tools and your commitment. That’s the voice of experience. Before coaching, I built two strong six figure businesses. However, more than a decade ago I hung up my networking shoes and turned my attention to coaching the industry. I’ve helped thousands build strong network marketing businesses and get to the top of their pay-plan. Today my commitment is to help YOU build a thriving, sustainable business. A good place to start is run your business using the 5 Steps to Your Six Figure Income and to read my blog. Plus, of course, do yourself a huge favor and put the tools into action. If I can be of service, if you have any questions, please get in touch. Welcome to Savvy Sponsoring.


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