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The Curse of Bad Self-Talk

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused.  And bad self-talk breeds (thrives!) on lack of focus.

Stop being hard on yourself.  Maybe you haven’t stuck to your plan today.  (Maybe you didn’t write one.)  What to do?

How to Fix
First, be realistic.  You (all of us) will be unfocused (off plan) – lots!  The antidote to lack of focus:  When you realize you’re ‘off plan’ get back on.  No bad mouthing yourself.  (Don’t have a plan? Quickly write one for the day and then get on it.)

Second, celebrate that you realized you were off plan..

Reality Check 

You’ll be off plan more than you’re on.  (Kinda like getting more No’s than Yes’s.)

The Good News 

You can ONLY change something when you’re aware of it.  Not before.  We all go in and out of awareness. Don’t get pissy with yourself because you realized you were off schedule. Celebrate that you clicked into awareness and realized you were off your plan.

Change your behavior when you’re ‘off’ and celebrate your course correction.


What about you? Are you hard on yourself when you find yourself off track?  Can you see being hard on you isn’t the best tactic?  Let me know here or join the conversation on Facebook.

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