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Do you have the talent to do this business?That’s an important question to ask yourself, ‘Do you have the talent to run your network marketing business?’ The good news, contrary to popular opinion, talent is NOT something you’re borne with.  Talent is something you build, something you nourish, much like a plant.


Talent Grows

Talent is something that grows.  Yes, even the talent to have good strong business conversations.  It grows in you (in your brain actually) and then manifests itself as comfortable, conscious, well planned conversations.   How?


How to Grow Talent

How do you grow talent?


YOU try.  YOU fail.  YOU debrief the failure.  YOU correct.  YOU try again.

YOU fail again.  YOU go back over (debrief) the failure.  YOU correct.  YOU try again.

YOU fail..   YOU repeat sequence.  Again …  Again …


YOU repeat the activity cycle (think conversations) until YOU are proficient.  It is the activity of doing the activity, self-correcting and doing again that hones talent.  Not thinking about it.  Not ‘going to.’  Activity hones talent.

Planned.  Conscious.  Activity.

Practice is something most of us don’t do enough of.  How about you?  Is planned, conscious, activity part of your business day?  Please share here or join the conversation on Facebook.

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