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What is necessary to run your business?  Core skills.  Easy enough to say.  But what are core skills?  Why are they necessary?

Let’s say you’re a golfer (it could be dancer, basketball player, softball player or piano player) and you wanted to hold your own on the golf course.  What would you do?

You’d get help and practice, practice and practice until you could call yourself ‘good.’

What if you don’t do this?  What are you then?  If it’s golf, the term is ‘hacker.’  Another term that works is hobbyist.

That means,you get out there to golf, dance or present your business and the best tool you have in your quiver is ‘hope.’  You hope your – occasional – terrific swing shows up today.

Which way do you run your business?  Are you hoping that ‘terrific swing’ shows up today?  Or have you gotten good help, prepared, seriously practiced (again and again) so you’re getting better?

Core skills are learned skills.  They are not based in hope.  They’re not some kind of a magic trick that happens to you.  You have CONTROL of your core skills.  You have control over your swing.   

Nothing new comes without a struggle.  How about you?  Are you willing to ‘struggle’ to develop your core skills to build a successful business?  Let me know here or join the conversation on Facebook.   And reach out if I can be of help

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