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What does Success Look Like in Network Marketing?

  • Walking across stage as a High Earner Star Ship Commander in your company
  • Finally, making that last promotion to qualify to walk across The Stage For The First Time
  • Watching your team duplicate you
  • Honing your ‘getting started’ training for duplication
  • Being accountable to YOU for what you did or didn’t do  

  • Having a great six months 

  • Having a great quarter  

  • Having a great month
  • Having a great week
  • Having a great day
  • Having a damn good hour


That Last Step IS Your First Step

One hour in your business (just one per day) that is totally focused on solid money making activity is the first step to walking across the stage as a bona fide leader in your company.

Just one hour per day.

A damn good hour in your business every day  —   Is the first step to everything.

Does the idea of a great hour (each day) doing money making activity make sense to you?  How do you make that happen?  Please join the conversation here or on Facebook.  
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