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Why Core Skills?

Why do you want core skills?  Control!  You want control over your business.  

Hoping for the ‘best’ is not an option in a business.  Being prepared equals success.  

Core skills create competence allowing you to do your business – all critical parts of it – exceeding well and  q-u-i-c-k-l-y.  Yes, core skills make you good at what you do and make you efficient at what you do!

For starters, that means you get ‘their attention’ and you don’t ramble on ….  🙂

Thus, core skills save you time and turn you into a professional.


Which Core Skill First?

If creating a team of peers is the most efficient way for you to create a profitable network marketing business, what do you think is the first core skill you want to develop?

In other words:

What do you need to get very good at that will build your business; that will build your team; that will allow your team to be financially successful too?  Read on, not as scary as it sounds.


Required Skills

Here are the core skills required (yup, required) in order to develop a duplicating network marketing team

  1. A presentation to introduce your business. 

  2. If they are not interested in your business, then you want a strong segue to being a customer 

  3. If they become a distributor, you want a hands-on-training capable of training one person or a hundred people at any given time to teach them your Presentation to Introduce Their Business (See #1 above) or if necessary that great segue to being a customer (See #2 above). 

  4. If they become a customer, you want a training to make sure they become ‘addicted to your product.’  Are you addicted to your cell phone?  Do you use it all the time?  When you don’t have it do you feel lost? That is exactly how you want customers to feel about your product.  When they do, they go from customer to client!


Big Laundry List

This looks like a big laundry list of things to learn and do.  But if you read it again, you’ll realize once you’ve got the presentation to introduce your business down pat, you have everything you need to train. The only other piece you need is to plan out HOW you’re going to train it.

Core skills are within your reach.  Need help?  Reach out, I’m within your reach too.

Can you see how core skills will change your business and make your team stronger?  Let me know here or join the conversation on Facebook.

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