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Core Skills

Can Anyone Do Network Marketing?   I believe anyone can, but only if you’re willing to practice and develop Core Skills.  

Welcome to the second part of how Your Core Skills Determine Your Success.   (If you missed last week’s Savvy Newsletter, you can view it here – and you should!)

What is the first Core Skill you want to develop in your network marketing business?  In order to answer that question, ask yourself ‘What is the main function of any business?’


Businesses make money.  More specifically they turn a profit. That is, at the end of the month the business has money left over after the bills are paid!   Unfortunately, (especially in network marketing) I see people blur this reality and act like they are a non-profit.

It’s that Team Again

What is the most efficient way for you to make money in Network Marketing?  No, it is not for you to sell product.  Yes, product must sell.  However, the most efficient way for you to make money in your network marketing business is to create a team of people.  More specifically, you want to create a team of people who become your peers and create their own teams of people.

Further, each person on everyone’s team maintains at the very least – enough customers that whatever your minimum requirement or your quota volume requirement is – you meet it with at least a 20% margin each month.  Thus, you do NOT need hundreds of customers; rather a solid core of customers.


Why is creating a team of peers critical to your business success? Creating a team of peers takes advantage of the most significant benefit of your compensation plan.  It takes advantage of the leverage.  

The leverage in network marketing is the single most important factor to create your profit.  

Think about this.  If your team is successful (making a profit) so are you!

Which Core Skill First?

If creating a team of peers is the most efficient way for you to create a profitable network marketing business, what do you think is the first core skill you want to develop?

In other words:

What do you need to get very good at that will build your business; that will build your team; that will allow your team to be financially successful too?

Let me know here or join the conversation on Facebook.  I’ll discuss next week the core skill I think is critical and answer your questions and comments.

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