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Click here for videoUgh, Struggle 
Struggle, the bane of human existence.  If only things weren’t so hard.


Unfortunately, struggle is a constant part of life. Getting over your negative relationship with it (quickly) is a great idea.


Everything you have ever done, walking, riding a bike, becoming proficient at anything, involved a struggle.

Pathway to Learning

Struggle is the pathway to learning.  If you’re not struggling with your business presentation, then you think it’s ready to go.  NO?  Then sit down with it, struggle, and make it better.


If you’re not struggling to grow your team, then it must be where you want it (or actively growing into what you want). NO?  Then put a plan together and take the first steps to get it there.


Got it Wrong Again, Did You? 
If the first step doesn’t work.  Great.  That’s right, great, you didn’t fail.  You learned that wasn’t the right step.  It’s called struggle.  Try another first step.


Maya Angelo didn’t learn to write without struggle.  Miles Davis didn’t learn to play trumpet without struggle.  The good news.  You don’t have to struggle in your network marketing company to be competent as long as either of them struggled.


Come on.  I dare you.  Struggle with something new in your business today (10 calls to new people?) and let me know here how it went or join the conversation on Facebook. Isn’t it time you joined the butterfly and took flight?

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