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In Issue 361 I suggested that the ‘real’ reason you don’t want to ask people ‘why’ they want ‘financial freedom’ or ‘more time’  is not that your worried you’re being pushy, but rather, that you don’t have a comfortable way to ask.

Try saying something like this to someone who said they want ‘extra money’ or ‘more time.’

Oh me too!  I wanted the extra money so I didn’t HAVE to put my daughter in daycare.  I hated that I had to work.  She had such a hard time every morning.  And so did I.  That’s why I started this business.  What about you, what do you want the extra money to do for you?

It’s good old conversation.  A dialogue.  The ‘di’ in that word means you both talk – and listen.  If you’re genuinely interested in what is going on with the other person and share your personal story, you are simply having a conversation.  You’re having a good time!  People share the most amazing things WITH STRANGERS if you are genuinely engaged and ask good questions.  And (of course), everything in blue above is your story, so it is different from the example.  But everything in black stays the same .

Your questions indicate interest.  Questions don’t have to be about prying.  Questions (also) show you’re curious.  They are not pushy.

As in the example above, once you’ve shared your WHY, it’s time to find out about them.  Taking it deeper is the process of making a connection.  Building rapport, making a connection isn’t a task.  It is a process.  A conversation.  Give and Take.

A conversation is the act of having an enjoyable time getting to know someone else.  When you share about you (your why) you can ask about them.  What do you think?  Does this make sense to you?  Let me know here or join the conversation on Facebook.

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