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Tell Me Please!
Yesterday a bright, young college graduate said to me, I’ve solved my calendar issue.  I got a ‘real’ calendar.  I’m not messing with my phone calendar anymore.I was intrigued.  Immensely!  I had in front of me a bright person who’d struggled with his calendar – and he’s solved the problem.  “Tell me please,” I said.

It’s great.  I decide what it is that I want to do – write it down.  Then I decide what the steps are to get it done.  Now I have a plan.

Baited Breath
I waited with baited breath to see what was next.  No next.  When I asked if he’d decided when he was going to start the project, his answer was ‘sometime this week.’  Alas.

This very bright young man had mixed up a project planner with a calendar.  A project planner is a great tool.  It breaks things down into workable steps.

A calendar puts the steps into action.  You need both to get things done.  When I mentioned this to him, he sighed and said,

Yeah, then you have to look at the calendar multiple times a day.


That’s Progress in Action.

What do you think? If you used your calendar to make sure you were ‘staying on track’ would it help? Let me know here or join the conversation on Facebook.
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