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Are you carrying around a ball and chain?What is the purpose of a list?
There are two basic purposes:

(1)To free up your brain from having to remember

(2)  A Rolling ACTION list

Number one above is simple.  You know what it means.  If you’ve written something down on a list, you don’t have to remember it.
What’s the second thing, ‘A Rolling Action List?’  Typically, a Rolling Action List is series of steps necessary to complete a project.
Some may call the Rolling Action List a ‘To Do’ list.  However, ‘To Do’ lists make me very nervous.  I think they are very different from a Rolling Action List.

What’s The Problem With ‘To Do’ Lists?
Lists are best used as a storage device and an organizer.  They are a memory enhancer.  They are not, however, a good vehicle for getting things done.
Further, carrying around your ‘To Do’ list is a ball and chain.  Why?  Because it is never completed. Plus, too often it drives you to accomplish the ‘B’ and ‘C’ things you want to get done such as:  marketing, getting to library, post office etc.  Think of it this way, I’ll bet that you don’t put ‘Prospecting’ on your To Do List.
At the end of the day, you’ve added additional errands (chores) you want to complete and your (never ending list) rolls over to tomorrow.  What’s the problem, you got things done?  You’ve been busy all day.  Checked things off your list.

But have you been productive.  Really Productive?

What’s the Fix for Both Rolling Action Lists and that All-Consuming To Do list?
Your Calendar.  Simple.  Put time in your calendar to perform the To Do List items.  We all need to go to the grocery store.  But decide when you’re going to the grocery store.  That will stop grocery shopping from keeping you from prospecting!
The same goes for the Rolling Action List.  Put the step(s)from your list you want to accomplish today into your calendar.  You may not complete the project today, but you will have moved the project forward.

You Are An Entrepreneur
And lastly, make sure that what makes you money (prospecting) goes into your calendar first and foremost.  It is worthy of r-e-s-p-e-c-t.   If you prospect each day, you’ll have the resources for help to get those other pesky things done.
Making money may not be the most important thing you do in your life.  I get that.  But never getting around to making money when you’re a business owner because you’re busy isn’t the answer.
As an entrepreneur it’s your job to use your calendar to drive the life you want to live.  Making sure you’re Productive rather than busy, comes out of good choices coupled with good calendaring.  Productive is always the winning ticket.   Always.
My goal is to be of help to you in the day-to-day running of your business.  What would you like to read here in the Savvy Newsletter?  Let me know here or join the conversation on Facebook.

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