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In Savvy Newsletter Issue 420, we talked about how to get through the holidays while still getting  your necessary business items completed.

In Savvy Newsletter Issue 421, we talked about how to STOP working (without angst) and enjoy your holidays.  If you’re struggling with either of those things, check out both of those issues.

Next Hurdle
The next hurdle after the holidays, how to get yourself back to work without the first half of January suddenly being behind you.  Oops!  

It’s hard when there isn’t anyone telling you when to start back. It’s your job to direct yourself.  That’s why you want to be an entrepreneur after all, self-direction = self-determination.

Going Back To Work
To thoroughly enjoy your holidays, means letting go of all the angst over your business.  To accomplish this you dumped your brain of everything that you needed to complete and scheduled time to do the work in your calendar.

Now grab your calendar again.  This time, decide when you’re coming back to work.  Yes, log the day and time that you’re going to sit your derriere at your desk (or leave the house) and begin money making activity.

Be Specific
Don’t just write “work” in the spot on the calendar.  Write out explicit instructions – exactly what you’re doing to do.

If possible, make yourself a follow up appointment.  Follow up appointments are good because you don’t ignore those in your calendar.  You show up.

Ball Back In Motion
Follow up appointments get you back in motion.  That makes it much easier to keep in motion.  Getting back to work at the start of January will make for great productivity.  It also Kills the uneasy angst of knowing you ought to be doing something ….

Grab your calendar and set your intention into a written calendared goal.

Finishing In Style
Bravo, if you’ve taken the small amount of time to determine

  • What you’re going to do
  • When you’re going to do it
  • When you’re done working to enjoy your holidays
  • When you’re coming back to work in January

You’re set to finish your year in style and be back in January … Rested and Ready

If anything in the Savvy Newsletters 420, 421 or 422 seems tough to do, ASK HERE! or on Facebook.  I’m happy to help.  It may be unfamiliar, but it’s not impossible.

Enjoy Your Holidays!


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