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Working From HomeLike you, I love working from home.  And like you, working from home can be as tough as it is lovely.  Unless you’re great a keeping boundaries – really great – the interruptions are relentless.

Holidays add another layer of angst, unless, that is, you’re ready for the interruptions, distractions and good cheer coming your way.   (Each of them beckoning you away from your business!)

You got the big picture answer of how to accomplish this in last week’s Savvy Newsletter.  Here’s some steps to help you break it down even further.  

Dump Your Brain  
1.  Dump your brain.  Yes, empty your brain of everything you need to complete before you stop working for the holiday and list them on paper.
2.  The operative word is ‘need’ not ‘want.’  When you’ve pared the list down to what you need to do, prioritize that list. 
3.  Go back once more and edit the list.  Be ruthless and exclude everything except what is necessary to do.  
4.  Grab your calendar and give everything remaining on your list its own day and time to complete.  Be explicit.  

Key To Your Sanity

Heads Up:  Number 4 is the key to your sanity during the holidays.  If you simply intend to get it done or are going to ‘try’ and get it done …  you’re fried.  You’ll be dragging around that to-do list.  It won’t happen.  The holidays by their very nature are going to take time, lots of it.  Get what you need to accomplish into your calendar.

Check your calendar often throughout the day to make sure you’re sticking to it.  If something pre-empts something move it to another spot or let it go.  Don’t try to fit in anything else.  Schedule or let it go.

Try saying this when you’re asked to do something around work that you haven’t scheduled, “Let me check my calendar, but I don’t think that’s going to work.’

If you take the few minutes (maybe 30) to ‘dump your brain’ and prioritize your list and fill in your calendar, you’ll leave your angst behind and move with grace rather than in a race through your holidays.   


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