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Jillian Middleton

Who We Are
Jillian has reached the top levels of Network Marketing companies, creating large teams and big paychecks. She’s achieved peer recognition for training, coaching and helping others realize their dreams.

As a copywriter and marketer, she’s created training systems and coaching programs for large teams, company leaders and network marketing corporations.

Andrew Leone

Andrew Leone

Andrew is an internet guru par excellence and an entrepreneur. As the CFO of a multi-million dollar company and the behind-the-scenes magician at Savvy Sponsoring and Serious MLM Training, Andrew creates systems that make businesses succeed, yours included.

Why Should You Listen to Us?
We’ve written the marketing and training for MLM, network marketing and direct sales companies and distributor leaders and have been published throughout the industry for many years.

We combine a direct, straightforward and open style with a lot of heart and compassion. We’ve each been entrepreneurs our entire adult lives. We’ve achieved massive success and have had our share of (sometimes terrifying) failures in traditional business and in network marketing.

We’ve walked countless miles in your shoes and we know the courage and vision it takes to build a network marketing business. We also know it takes the development of very specific skill sets to reach the upper echelons of the network marketing world. We emphatically believe it’s well worth developing those skills.

Ambassadors for the Networking Profession
We defy anyone to show us a profession where you can earn extraordinary income and have the kind of time freedom and flexibility that is the hallmark of a successful network marketing career.

We’ve developed systems and methods to train, coach and teach you the skills you need to not only realize your monetary goals, but to become a proud, confident (dare we say bulletproof) business owner in the process.

Free Laser Coaching Session Will Sharpen Your Perspective
We love what we do and we get our business thrill from seeing people go from wondering if they really can, to realizing their dreams and changing their lives. Will you be next? Take a moment to tell us your biggest challenge (confidentially) and we’ll offer you a free Laser Coaching Session in return.



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Our Promise: No one who represents Savvy is building a network marketing business. In fact, it’s against our company policy. We respect and value your hard work and the integrity of your team. Savvy is a “no cross-recruiting” zone.


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