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You’re a Pro
You got where you are because you’re good at what you do – and you have A LOT to do. You work with key leaders, build your own frontline, work depth, create tools and initiatives and build team culture. It can be lonely at the top, even if the view is brilliant.

Seeing Yourself Through the Leadership Lens
You make frequent decisions and stick with them. You provide resources for your team. You model integrity and engender trust. You blaze a vision that others can follow and inspire your team to continue down the proven path, by shining the light brightly on future potential.

Challenges of Leadership
As a leader, your actions are scrutinized. Showing vulnerability or uncertainty can bust the leadership myth. How do you achieve personal balance, stay sane and productive? How do you spark innovation and action and create new initiatives? How do encourage your key leaders to step up to the plate, duplicate what you’ve created and innovate on their own? And, who can you safely go to for counsel, inspiration and direction?

Every leader needs ongoing support and sometimes, a sounding board. Thinking you have all the answers is always dangerous territory. Being able to get in the think tank without watching your back generates great possibilities. That’s where we come in.

Managing vs. Leading
There are key differences between managing and leading. Entrepreneurs are notorious for our ‘we-can-do-it-ourselves’ (and often better than anyone else can) mentality. it is experienced talking when I say it may well be true that you do it better than anyone else, but more importantly – it never benefits you (or your team) to do it all yourself.

To develop leaders downline, you need to let go of the reins, or at least loosen your grip. It’s tough to do – you have a lot of blood, sweat and tears invested. But you want expansion, not to stay in a holding pattern – there’s no growth in holding. You job is to promote leaders, pass on what you know, allow for innovation and encourage growth and ideas.

Getting More Done Easily
Having great support and assistance from experts allows you to grow quickly, efficiently and purposefully. You can’t be everywhere at once.  Don’t wait until your team is so large you can’t work with them all.  Developing leaders (peers!) is what creates a robust duplicating team.

I’m an Established LeaderWe Do Your Heavy Lifting
Custom team coaching and training – let Savvy do your heavy lifting. We teach the basics, drilling down on skill building and getting team members into action every week so you can focus on team building, inspiration and the big picture.

We create team momentum – making your life easier and your business more lucrative.

We offer one-on-one coaching for leaders who want to achieve peak performance or are dealing with issues from new wealth management, team management, time management, even burnout.

Reach out to me  – I’ve been in your shoes. I know what a difference it makes to achieve balance and live a great lifestyle while tending to business and achieving rapid growth.  I’ll help you get there.

Request a Free MLM Coaching SessionUnsure?  Take a Test Drive – Sign up for a Free Laser Coaching Session or pick up the phone and call.  Kick the tires, ask the tough questions.  Bring me your greatest challenge and see if you like what I suggest.  I promise honesty.  I’ll say what I believe to be true.  You’re not looking for a new best friend.  You’re looking for a coach.  Check me out.

Jillian can be found playing in Seattle, 206-241-3235.


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