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Yes, it does work and it can work for you – if you work for it. There’s a lot of money on the table. As much money as you’ll find in any high level profession, with way more freedom and flexibility. How would you like to earn more than a surgeon, but do it from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule? Something that powerful takes work. If I were to tell you it didn’t you should run and run fast. There are no free rides.

Your networking business is just that, a business. You need to be systematized, committed, organized and focused. You need a steady stream of people to talk to. Check out our free 5 Steps Video Coaching and you’ll have everything you need but the prospects. Once you’ve watched the videos, you can learn how to get unlimited prospects in our self-study course: Power Prospectors Intensive.

They have more experience is all. They’ve heard NO more times than you have. They got where they are by perseverance and determination. They took the time to build their skills and were patient with the process. They worked through the inevitable challenges as well as the successes. Remember, you just see their successes. Believe us, this isn’t easy for anyone. (It is simple. What you do is straight forward and CAN be learned.) However, regardless of whether something is easy or complex, in order for it to work for YOU, it has to be WORTH IT. In our opinion and our experience, there’s almost nothing as well worth the work, determination and diligence as building a networking business.

Your business will deliver what you want. Truly it will. That said, anything with this much money attached has a learning curve. We’re here to guide you and help you get through that learning curve quickly. Start with our 5 Steps Videos. They are free and can change your business forever if you implement the steps. Bold statement and I don’t make those unless I mean it and have seen it work and get results. That I have. And, if you are not already a Savvy Reader, get my Savvy Newsletter here. Every week you’ll get ideas and tools and learn when my complimentary coaching calls are scheduled. They are a terrific opportunity for live interactive coaching to get your questions asked -and answered – and keep you moving forward in your business.

That depends on how quickly you get serious and focused. In business, there is no guarantee of success. However, if anyone in your company is making the kind of money you want to make, YOU can make that kind of money too. Will there be a learning curve? Absolutely. Will you want to tear your hair out at times? You bet. Still, I defy you to find a better business model to make big money and enjoy life.

This is the real deal. It might take you a few years (although some do it in less), it could even take longer. Here is how you find out where you stand. Commit to a year of serious work and skill building, add a good dose of passion and then you decide. I implore you, do what it takes. Yes, it will be difficult and challenging at times. It will also be hugely rewarding. It many ways it may well end up being one of the best journeys you’ll ever take. I mean that – it was.

Generally speaking, your best prospects are successful people or determined people. Not every entrepreneur is financially successful the first time (or umpteenth time) out the gate. If they’ve stuck with their dreams until they were successful, now that’s a great prospect. So are people who make decisions and are able to spot opportunity. Be careful of people who ‘need it’ or don’t have a track record of applying themselves in business, or life generally. They typically are not the right people, (though they’re often the people you think of first). The person you are talking to must want to make it happen for themselves more than you want it for them.

This is KEY to your prospecting success. Your job is to make sure that people understand the business model, really see it and get it. That’s the trick. It is out of ignorance that the networking industry is the industry ‘everyone loves to hate.’ People simply don’t get it. However, if you can open their eyes so the ‘light goes on,’ the whole game changes. This is very important for YOU to understand. To expand your vision, download our free eBook: CEO Mentality.

To say that Jillian wasvery skeptical about the networking industry before the ‘light went on for them,’ is an understatement. But her business acumen kicked in when she did get it. If you would like Jillian’s help to show others what this industry is really about, Check out the Savvy Money presentation. It will explain this industry to anyone for you in just minutes. It just may be your game changer.

I am asked this often, but it isn’t really a question of finding great prospects. The real road to financial success in networking is learning how to talk to successful people who make great prospects. Once you confidently talk to people, add great follow-up and keep track of where everyone is in your ‘pipeline’ you will not be asking, “Where are the good people?” You will see them everywhere. The bottom line is this, a great prospect is anyone who wants more out of life and isn’t relying on the lottery to get it.

These people are everywhere. It’s just that most of us are afraid to talk to them. So the best way to find great prospects is if YOU become a confident, competent professional who understands that prospecting is a process and not an event. When you know exactly what to say and how to say it, you feel great, they hear your message and business gets done. If you would like help to master these skills and techniques you are in the right place. There is lots to choose from here at Savvy Sponsoring. Our Savvy Money video and system will give you a huge leg up and will introduce your business in a professional and straight forward manner. The Savvy Money system also comes with Prospect Tracker. Prospect Tracker is a terrific way to keep track of who you are talking to and what you are to do next with them. It’s a complete system to get and keep your business on track.

Of course, make sure you are on our complimentary Savvy Newsletter so you get ideas and tools each week that will help you hone your business skills to make building your business easier. The Savvy Newsletter will give you advance notice of all our complimentary coaching calls so you can get on board before they fill.

If you are an ‘independent learner’ check our our Power-Prospecting Intensive program. It is a comprehensive self study course that will take you through a myriad of ways to continually expand your personal sphere of influence. You’ll wonder why you ever thought there was a shortage of people to talk to.

Fear is such a choker, isn’t it? It turns the telephone into a 500 pound bully and makes cleaning the bathroom sound like a pleasure! The good news is that fear is not terminal. There is a cure for crippling fear. We’ve found over the years that most people are fearful because they are unsure of how to do something. Here’s a question that may put this into perspective for you, “What do people do when they are unsure of what or how to do something?” If you said, “nothing,” you’re right.

The answer to “getting over your fear and getting the job done” is to figure out what it is you are uncertain about. Once you know that you can arm yourself with the antidote, knowledge and new skills, then you practice what you’ve learned. Building your skills builds your confidence. Once you learn something new, practice it. Remember when you learned to ride a bike? As you learned to balance on two wheels and practiced, you got better. As you got better, your confidence grew. As your confidence grew your fear shrank in direct proportion.

Picking up the phone to talk to someone is EXACTLY the same thing (except you can’t skin your knees!). We’re afraid because we don’t know what to say or how to say it. We’re afraid we will look silly, make a fool of ourselves or simply blow the good prospect out the water. It is not silly to be afraid. It makes sense. So let’s get rid of what you are really afraid of. You won’t look silly, make a fool of yourself or blow a good prospect out of the water if you sit down and figure out exactly what you’re going to say.

Start with our complimentary 5 Steps Videos . These 5 Steps will tell you not only what to do but how to do it. They are a complete – get you out the gate and get started – coaching and training. They’ll help you think through your systems so you know what to do. They are a comprehensive training to get you started and they are yours for the asking.

If you’ve got some experience, play with our Diagnostic Tools. The Savvy Diagnostics will give you a ‘snapshot’ of exactly where you are and what you need to work on. Then you can start working on the skills you want to improve in order to get your business into high gear. The Savvy Diagnostics Tools are free for the asking.

Use resources you have access to through your upline and company. Plus check out our Tools and see if there is something there that speaks to what you need. Contact us and we’ll happily help you figure out what your next step(s) may be. Fear is about protecting your dignity. Your fear is telling you to get better prepared. The good news is you can trade your fear for confidence and that it is a relatively simply thing to do.

The first resistance to get around is the resistance in your head. Most of us have it, no shame in that. The only shame is not working to get over it and benefit from this incredible (and yes, misunderstood) business model. I maintain that this is the industry everyone loves to hate. I know it’s because they don’t understand it and/or they’ve been approached by an unprofessional in-your-face networker. It’s been uncomfortable at best, ugly at worst.

At Savvy, we’re ambassadors for the industry. It made me a lot of money and grew me beyond who I was when I started. I know this is a business model loaded with leverage, residual income and based on cooperation rather than competition. Once you build your business, you will be paid over and over again as people use your product or service. That’s passive income, residual income. You are still being paid in the future for what you DID in the past. That means (potentially – if you build) great income and time freedom. There are just NOT a lot of places you can accomplish that. Unless of course, you’ve got the next great novel about to be published, or are in demand for the next blockbuster. Since that’s not 99.9% of us, network marketing, direct sales and MLM is a great bet.

Download our eBook: CEO Mentality. It’s a great start on the way to get over your own resistance, understand what you’ve got your hands on and change your future. Big claim? Yes. But a true one.

Anyone who’s been in MLM longer than 10 minutes has been asked this question. In a word, ‘NO.’ Network Marketing is NOT a pyramid nor is it a scheme of any kind. But this question isn’t really about the legality of our industry. Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that if the industry was illegal in any way, it would have been shut down by the Attorney General in your state (if not by the feds) by now.

However, your answer to this question reflects your belief in the industry, your company and most importantly yourself. Getting clear and truly understanding what the network marketing industry offers, what it is and what it is not and being ready with a confident (practiced) straight ahead answer to this question, can create the foundation for building your solid business future in network marketing. It is really important for you to take a deep look at your own opinion and relationship (fears and concerns) about the industry.

When she were approached to look at the industry, Jillian thought MLM was hokey and unprofessional. Not a good foundation to build anything! Obviously, she overcame those beliefs and went on to become a top earner and leader in her company. When this question comes up be prepared to deal with it head on. But better yet, if you have issues about the industry YOU put them on the table first, so you can knock them off before anyone else can put them on the table.

For example, Jillian, when she was talking to someone about the industry would say, “You know at first look I thought this industry was hokey even unprofessional, then I got into the business model and found that it was loaded with leverage, offered residual income and was built on cooperation rather than competition.” As you can imagine, that took care of the pyramid question and a number of other issues.

She also liked to say, “I don’t know what you know about network marketing. I thought it was for people who couldn’t do anything else. Then, when I studied the business model, I realized it was brilliant. I actually lost sleep when I understood the leverage and residual income potential – give me 15-20 minutes. Worst case, you’ll learn something new, best case this might be exactly what you’re looking for”.

The Savvy Money Video and System (yes, we’ve mentioned it before) puts concern about our industry to rest. If you want help dealing with the tough questions, check it out. Your first month is only $1 (and it’s only $19.97 per month after that for charter members).

Check out the video here for an overview that will give you insight into how I overcame my misconceptions and what I told others. You never need be embarrassed about Network Marketing, MLM or Direct Sales again. This industry is a life changer. Bring your passion, learn how it works and then learn how to succinctly and intelligently share what you know. You’ll get people’s attention and they can make up their own mind.


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