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Hands On Laser-Focused Support to Help You Build Your Business

If you’re ready to get from where you are to where you dream of being AND you’re committed, focused and self-disciplined, coaching could be the answer for you.

Coaching was once the domain of the elite, designed to help them achieve peak performance – no longer.

Working with a coach accelerates your success and gives you insight and strategies that help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and make quick improvements.

Jillian is a phenomenal coach. Experienced, smart, easy to work with, and most of all encouraging. She has an arsenal of amazing tools that she willingly shares. I would recommend her coaching to anyone, but especially those who are stuck in their business. You know what to do but just aren’t doing it. For those who are finding the laundry is easier to complete than the phone list on your desk, I am having amazing results with the techniques I have learned. A great big thank you to Jillian, you rock!

Jill Holmes – Rochester, MN
Dance Studio Co-Director
Independent Consultant


Because of coaching with Jillian, I now can ask for what I want, have a conversation with people about my business and find out if they’re interested. People are friendly and receptive, I’m getting great results. I’ve had a huge increase. I went from signing up 2 people in 4 months prior to taking their coaching to signing up 3 people in 2 weeks. I have more prospects in my pipeline than ever. I would recommend coaching and training with Jillian to anyone, crossline, sideline, downline, anyone. I can’t say enough about Jillian as a coach. I love working with her because she built a solid business in this industry, she has been in the trenches, knows what we go through, she is realistic and fun to work with.

Callie Shields – Houston, TX

To get started coaching:

  1. Choose 1 hour or 30 minute sessions with Jillian and click “Start Coaching”
  2. You will receive a copy of our Coaching Policies and Engagement Standards via email, please read, sign and return a copy to us
  3. We’ll contact you right away to setup your first session

Jillian Middleton
Head Coach
The entrepreneur in Jillian was evident at 8 years old when she sold six more boxes of Girl Scout calendars than anyone else (including the one promised to her mother, who still hasn’t forgiven her!). By age 23 Jillian put any attempt at being an employee behind her. In her first business, Jillian hurled herself through the air over fences on the back of horses and she taught other people, and other people’s children, (now that is bold) to do the same. When she hung up her breeches, she built a small fortune selling multimillion dollar high rise apartments. Later, Jillian lost that fortune in a construction business. But she took what she learned to do (and not to do) and made a bigger fortune building two complimentary network marketing businesses. Today, Jillian coaches others the ins and outs of entrepreneurship in order to build strong, thriving, sustainable, businesses that feed exciting, fulfilling lives.

Three 1-hour Coaching Sessions per Month with Jillian $497/month

Three 1/2-hour Coaching Sessions per Month with Jillian $285/month

Jillian teaches, trains and coaches people exactly what they need to do for sustainable financial success in their business —  and how to do it.  For Jillian, the real success of any business is proven in the quality of the life it supports.

If you are ready to have a thriving business and a life you enjoy now (yes, while building your business), it is time to meet Jillian and see what she offers.


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