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I said NO to paying for coaching for 15 years. I thought “that’s a ridiculous way to spend my hard earned money”. I decided to give it a go when I started my ViSalus business and couldn’t control the number of hours I worked or balance my life.

I came into coaching with a family ready to give up on me because I was working 60 hours a week without boundaries. We had gone from a nice, peaceful, happy home to an out of control monster that needed taming!

Savvy Sponsoring taught me how to work hours my family and I can live with and how to roll my hours out to the world so other people respect them. I learned how to set boundaries with others including the exact words and scripts to say to create a work environment that is warm and likeable.

In essence, Savvy Sponsoring saved me from quitting my business or going off the cliff! I have big goals and I feel more confident about reaching them – on my own terms.

I’ve come full circle and now am teaching how to set your Vi hours to others. I have a family that knows when I’m working and more importantly, knows when I’m NOT working. Don’t wait as long as I did to get in coaching. Whatever keeps you from getting the results you want, coaching will fix.

Beth Steffensen Montpas

Des Moines, Iowa


After the first module of Year in Gear, I am more than pleased to let you know how happy I am with the incredible value you offer with this course.

Christina Glazar

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Hi, my name is Carol Barrett. Prior to being part of the Savvy Sponsoring Leadership Program I wasn't sure what to do to teach my team members how to build their business. After participating in the Savvy Sponsoring Leadership Program I now have the skills necessary to consistently sponsor large numbers of people into my network marketing business and teach those skills to my team. I am growing my check faster than I ever thought possible.

Carol Barrett

Springfield, PA


Out of all the training programs I've participated in over the years, Savvy Sponsoring is far and away the best at helping me get the results I was looking for. Coaches at Savvy Sponsoring are seasoned professionals who have been there and done that, and are genuinely interested in seeing you become successful. Seriously, they really do care and will show you the no-nonsense way to achieve your dreams. If you genuinely want to make a strong income with network marketing, these guys won't let you fail.

Alan Massa

Mount Juliet, TN


I really really wanted to move my business to a much higher level and felt that a course run by you would be of the highest standard. I feel I can handle helpful critique and advice and am soooo open to learning how to do something a better way but did worry that the "critique" would be a bit harsh and insensitive and that I might cave from the weight of it all.

I am so vitalized and excited about what I have learned. I wanted to do every single thing you both talked about at once. However, I keep re-reading the course and my notes and listening again to the tapes, and I saw where Jillian, said "take a moment, take a deep breath, we are good here, it’s ok, calm down". It made me laugh at myself and say "so what?"

I learned that it’s ok to be afraid, but then you must make yourself pick up the phone or go over and speak with that person. I need to do something every single day that Shaklee will pay me for.

Also, each time I deposit a check, no matter how tiny, I put 10% away for the future. It makes me feel like I am making progress.

You gals are making me believe that I really can reach my goals. I honestly always felt I could do this successfully but didn’t understand what I was doing wrong or missing that had to be done. I know I can’t be successful without adding to my team big time. I am a visual person, and you are giving me the actual ABC’s of what I need to do in what order and making me accountable to do them timely.

Your incredible experience, along with your expertise in breaking down what we need to do and how and when to accomplish that, and you make it clear that you cannot do it for us — that it ultimately comes back to that face in the mirror. I have stepped out of my comfort zone in this course and I would absolutely recommend this course!

Emily Taft

Georgetown, MA


I had to get over the price of taking an intensive course, I had financial issues I needed to clear up, so I wasn’t certain. But I also knew I needed to be more comfortable talking to people. I wasn’t comfortable talking to people on the phone, I felt I was intruding. I didn’t have the CEO mentality. Truthfully, I felt like I couldn’t get people to look at Network Marketing, that there was a taboo with the business and they wouldn’t be interested in what I had to offer. I now HAVE the CEO mentality, I am very proud of my business and what I do. I have people thanking me for introducing them to my business and helping them with things that are close to their hearts! I’m no longer uncomfortable, I’m a work in progress. I highly recommend Savvy Sponsoring. They’ve made my vision much clearer, the recruiting game is not so daunting. I’m putting more people in recruiting pipeline, my confidence is up, I’m playing a bigger game. It has changed me personally and I’m grateful.

Kelley Haas

Westerville, OH


I have made more calls since I started coaching than I have in my entire network marketing career. When I signed up, I was very nervous, I actually had an anxiety attack, not knowing if I could do it. I’m at a level now that I knew I needed to be – but never quite got there. I’d recommend it to anyone who is willing to be coachable. I think you will be completely successful with anything Savvy Sponsoring puts out. The CEO marketing approach is brilliant, puts you completely at ease with what you’re doing. I’m in love with the program, you guys are fabulous.

Melissa McAnelly

Houston, TX


For the first time during my network marketing career, I feel I have a much better understanding of how to view recruiting and what to do with those recruits from day one. We now have a system in place that will allow me to get my business builders off to a good start in 24-48 hours. Learning to incorporate the 5 Steps and the Calendar with family support is something we have learned and now can teach our new recruits. We have signed up three new people since the program started and now have over 40 new prospects in our funnel. It’s difficult to verbalize the change in our attitude towards ourselves and those we approach after joining the Savvy Sponsoring Sunrider Team.

Bernie Page

Gold Canyon, AZ


I definitely had to overcome my fear to take a course. A lot of fear. I just didn't trust myself enough to believe that I would follow through on the things I was taught. By signing up for the class, I was making a declaration – yes, I DO believe I can do this.

So I took a deep breath and made the leap. It has been so worth it. I've completely shifted the way I think about my business and it comes across in the way I interact with people. For the first time in the six years since I started my business, I actually think of myself as a businessperson!

People have definitely been responding differently to me, with a great deal of trust and respect for what I do. So even if they say no, I walk away from the conversation feeling good about myself and my business.

I would be satisfied if all I was getting was business results, but for me this course has gone way beyond that. I also had a powerful personal experience because of what I'm learning. When we face our business fears it affects way more than our business.

I was talking to my son one morning about him signing up for soccer this coming fall. He has often expressed an interest in learning how to play. He said he wanted to wait until next year when he felt more "ready". I immediately knew there was something he was afraid of. With some gentle probing, I found out he didn't want to look like a fool because he didn't already know how to play. He wanted to learn more about soccer before actually playing soccer so no one would laugh at him.

I helped him realize that he would be just as afraid next year and he had the choice to face his fear now or later. I'm happy to say he chose now and agreed to sign up for the team. I am so proud of him!

And myself, because if I wasn't taking action and facing my own fears I never could have coached him sincerely. I never expected this course to make a difference in my son's life. But now that it is, is seems rather obvious that it would. A confident happy mommy makes for a confident happy family.

Thank you Savvy Sponsoring, you've helped me get my dreams back and now I can nurture my children's dreams as well!

Amy Lane

Kent, WA


I had been living a rather vain life as a health care professional involved with an MLM business. I thought I "knew how to do" my nutrition and health education business because after all I am a credentialed health care professional. Man oh man was I wrong. It took me 13 years of frustration to finally come to grips with the fact that I was only listening and not hearing. I did not know much at all about what I now call "the science of network marketing." I was bummed because I did not have the kind of income I thought I "deserved".

Clearly I needed a coach. Someone who did not know me. Someone who I could be perfectly honest with and who would not judge me. Someone I could speak openly with and laugh with and shed a few tears with. I needed a coach. Turned out to I need someone who knew that building the real money in MLM wasn’t about product sales. I needed to know how to organize and perpetuate a strategic business. My "why" was defined in short order. Retirement is looming and I choose to live it without financial burden. Simple as that.

After my first conversation with Amy Posner I found her to have a warm, well intentioned, encouraging voice. I knew that I had found my answer to my quest for a MLM business coach. I thought Savvy Sponsoring just might be the ticket!

I signed up for a course and am continuing to UN learn and RE learn what I believe are the skills for a successful long term financially successful MLM buisness. I have been faithful to my homework and weekly put into play the behaviors to get the traction necessary to move my business forward. Because I work full-time I firmly believe in setting and sticking to my weekly assigned ‘store hours’. Yes, life does get in the way but it is a fluid and flexible plan. Without store hours its one step forward and 2 steps back. Why go there again and again?

I have had more "ah-ha" moments than ever before. These moments allow me to have a keener insight into just what it is I am doing and what that activity it is generating. I am now mindful thru keeping my statistics and metrics just what activities are working and which ones are not. This has been a journey of true self discovery. This continues to take practice while using my new skill sets. I believe when I finish this course it will be a commencement in the true and real sense of the action and visionary word.

In conclusion if you find yourself stuck and frustrated as I have simply consider taking a Savvy Sponsoring course.

Take it a step further and contact Amy and/or Jillian so you can talk it through before you spend your time and money.

Why is it that we seem to resist doing the things we most need to do?

Cindy Thorne

Milwaukee, WI


I would never have realized that accidentally bumping into Savvy Sponsoring online would turn out to be such a valuable learning experience in many ways. My upline was “there for me” and would tell me that once I just “make the calls” I’d get it going. Well, with all of my excuses, I couldn’t do it. I registered for newsletters and eventually for coaching. I am talking to people with confidence, I have learned how to keep even the “not now” or “maybes” in my pipeline, and am having FUN! Thanks to Savvy Sponsoring I’m building a solid business today that will continue to grow and thrive.

Joanne Ryan

Amesbury, MA


I love Savvys’ coaching program for many reasons but perhaps the two most important reasons are:

1. My executive group sales have increased about 20% this fall over the year before; and
2. I have more flexibility in my schedule than I ever had before due to the time management part of her coaching.

I highly recommend her program.

Thank you Savvy! (Hugs)

Jurate Harrison

Seattle, WA


I am so excited about how my business has grown as a direct result of attending Jillian’s course. Within 60 days, my sales activity had paid for her class. Putting into action the principles of calendaring and spending time on income producing activities put the “fun” back into my business and doubled my sales this fall. I realized that having “systems” for all aspects of my business would enable me to work smarter not harder! In order to leverage my time with a growing group, Mastermind calls are definitely the way to go--thank you Jillian!

Serena Chow

Clayton, CA


I would recommend the Power Prospectors course because I got valuable input and coaching that I can really use every day, every one can benefit from that if they choose to! My obstacle to taking courses is the money spent. Improving my skills, was money well spent. The coaching has helped tremendously, I’m learning to relax a lot more and slow down.

What I liked the most is the personal attention and coaching, putting into action what I’m learning. There is no better teacher than doing and learning from my mistakes. Also learning how to speak to people, learning how to explain how the business works and learning to make scripts that I’m comfortable with, getting the help I needed to change things around to make the script work for me.

Lori Krouth

League City, TX


I've learned great new techniques and have built custom scripts, with your help. I really appreciated having the recordings after the calls and all the materials including the scripts and the DVDs – it made a difference for me.

Overall the course created new awareness, expanded my techniques, helped me think outside of box, I'd highly recommend the Power Prospectors Course.

Pat Staude

St. Peters, MO


I am so excited about how my business has grown as a direct result of attending Jillian’s course. Within 60 days, my sales activity had paid for her class. Putting into action the principles of calendaring and spending time on income producing activities put the “fun” back into my business and doubled my sales this fall. I realized that having “systems” for all aspects of my business would enable me to work smarter not harder! In order to leverage my time with a growing group, Mastermind calls are definitely the way to go--thank you Jillian!

Serena Chow

Clayton, CA


"Amy and Jillian at Savvy Sponsoring have made a positive difference in not only how I conduct my business, but in how I perceive my business. This in turn has increased my confidence and changed how I offer this business to others. Instead of just coaching on what to do, they coach on how to do it, which has been invaluable to me. The communication skills I have learned have given me a way to talk about my business opportunity that is comfortable, not pushy, and yes, actually fun. And best of all, what I have learned from Amy and Jillian has not just positively influenced my business, but also my life."

Tracey Fessler


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